A rare weather phenomenon

Yup, this kind of weather is rare.

I’m talking about a weekend with nicer weather than Monday morning.

For those of you that got to much sun and fun this weekend you can go back to work with dreary skies and rain showers. And the chance of rain and even thundershowers goes pretty much all through the week with, get this, sunny skies and 80 degree temperatures forecast for the weekend.

Maybe Mother Nature is trying to make up for the past two weeks that, on average, were almost 9 degrees colder than normal.

For those of you wondering how they determine average temperatures it really is quite simple. You average together the high and low for the day. High of 80 and a low of 60 degrees gives an average temperature for the day of 70 degrees.

Every degree the average temperature is below 65 is a heating degree day, every degree above 65 is a cooling degree day.

Normally by this time of year we have racked up 71 cooling degree days and a little bit of an electric bill for air conditioning. This year our total of CDD is 5.

No wonder we still have the quilt on the bed.