Limping into history

Limpy Jack is returning to Jamestown.

Quite a statement given he’s been dead for more than a century.

Limpy Jack Clayton was a hard drinking pioneer of the James River region. He was also a bit of crook who ran into trouble with the law for little things like rigging elections and selling booze without a license.

You might say he was very colorful.

Limpy Jack will be making an appearance at the Stutsman County Museum at 2 p.m. on June 21 for Father’s Day.

Actually I’ll be portraying him in what is sometimes called a first person history. I’ll talk with those gathered as if I were Limpy Jack. I’ll even explain how I got my limp and what my name was back in Pennsylvannia, if you look like an honest group.

They say the trick to doing a convincing first person history presentation is to choose a charector that is similar to your own.

That’s why I do so well as a drunken crook.

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