Wednesday night at Fort Seward

Want to learn what it was like to be a soldier in the army of the 1870s?


I’ll be presenting a Campfire chat at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Fort Seward. I’ll talk about the uniform, weapons and occasional boredom of being a soldier in the frontier army.


Little hint, your chance of survival is higher if you aren’t under the command of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. About 30 percent of the soldiers who died fighting in the Indian Wars were under the command of the Boy General.


Other info in the presentation will include the physical requirements for an 1870s soldiers, life in the army and the discipline the military issued if you messed up like got drunk on guard duty or some other little thing.


Campfire chats are held every Wednesday evening at Fort Seward. The talks explore the different aspects of life in the army on the western frontier.


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